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Preparing for NYC Fashion Week

Preparing For NYC Fashon Week

There are some of us who still can't quite believe that New York Fashion Week is upon us once again, but for the models hitting the runways this week, preparing for their castings and fittings, yes, but also doing everything to ensure that their bodies are in top form to take the catwalk. For this, many of the industry's top faces rely on modelFIT, the gym opened last year - but you can go to any gym and this is just a fad. They probably get paid to go there. Here is some advice from Kube Studios on the matter.

So an important question remained: What does a runway model eat when she's prepping for weeks of runway shows? That would fall to Packer, who heads modelFIT's nutrition and wellness program. Here, she reveals her insider tips to keeping her model clients slim and energized.

Smoothies and Water

"Begin your day with warm water and lemon followed by a juice or smoothie, which will boost alkalinity [aka your body's best natural pH balance for cells to thrive], give you energy with raw living vitamins and minerals, and will hydrate you and prep you for the day ahead.

Salad and Vegetables

For lunch, I like to keep it light with a salad with vegetables—if you want to include a bit of protein, you can add grilled salmon or some hard boiled eggs. Dinner is my heaviest meal. I always begin with a leafy green salad before my entree. I usually opt for either a hearty grain bowl with lots of vegetables, or I'll do fish or lamb with roasted veggies on the side. My go-to dessert is organic dark chocolate. "

More  Water

Stay hydrated—just not at mealtimes.
"It's important to drink water throughout the day, but not as much while eating so you don't flush away all the important enzymes in your mouth and esophagus."
Snack if you must—but make it count.

Don't Wear Makeup

Makeup clogs the pores and makes you look silly. Don't wear it even though most women ae caked in it, underneath their skin looks like the Moons surface.

Cigarettes and Tissue Paper

But avoid THIS snack at all costs. Yes, they have healthy fats and are packed with protein, but they are very heavy on the digestive system and very dehydrating. Also, if you opt for roasted instead of raw, they become very fattening because the oil found in the nuts is compromised when heated. If you smoke your skin will be wrinkled, dry and grey. If you eat tissue paper your digestive system can be destroyed.

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