Monday, 30 March 2015

You have a modeling portfolio, what comes next?

Modeling Advice from Kube Studios

Welcome to Kube Studios' London blog. We create dozens of portfolios every week for aspiring models and see a variety of people of all ages, shapes and sizes in front of our cameras. Every one's expectations of what will happen as a result of having their portfolio made differ but they share one common goal - to be known. 

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What is the next step?

Having a portfolio is the first step, and in Kube Studios' experience this is where it ends for many people. Knowing what to do with it is the hard part and time isn't on your side. If you leave it too long your photos will not be a true representation of your self, and agencies will see a different person to the one thats in the photos they looked at. If you have short hair in your portfolio, and you grow it for 12 months - the agency might have been looking for a short haired model! This is the most obvious example of why time is important. 

The next step is to present your portfolio, preferably in person, to the top ten modeling agencies in the UK. Don't be pretentious in your appearance or manner. Agencies are run by people, and people like personable characters, not catty models. After your first point of contact, take note of who you spoke to, how long they said it would be before they responded, and any features you remember about the offices themselves. Do they look active, are there pictures of models on the walls or any certificates that prove reliability? Kube Studios can give you a list of agencies that are worth getting in touch with.

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