Monday, 5 December 2016

Kube Studios Fashion News - Sarah Jessica Parker to open her very own shop

SJP to open first shop 

Kube studios was so excited to hear that the queen of fashion SJP was opening her first ever shop in Washington DC. The shop will house her eponymous footwear label 

But why is the fashion industry so excited about SJP new shop, SJP is not only amazing actress she also a very talented designer and has build a very successful fashion empire. We secretly think that its to do with some of her designs having an Carrie Bradshaw vibe. She has a successful jewellery, clothes, shoes and perfume lines shows that she has a real talent for designing beautiful wearable outfits. 

The interior decoration of the shop has been kept top secret, but SJP recently confirmed that doors will be open by December 8th. We think we might be booking our holidays  to Washington DC very soon. 

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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Kube Studios fashion news - British Fashion Awards 2016

 British Fashion Awards 2016 Nominations

Kube Studios loves award ceremonies and one of our favourites is the British Fashion awards, This year awards will be held  on Monday 5th December at the Royal Albert Hall and be hosted by comedian Jack Whitehall. 

Two models that have been standout stars from the recent fashion weeks are sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid, who both have been nominated in the International Model of the Year category.  Also nominated is their friend Kendall Jenner who has had a very successful modelling year. Other models nominated is Dominican Republic model and face of prada, Lineisy Montero and British model Adwoa Aboah. As well as models getting the recognition they deserve, British popular brands are highlighted at this year’s awards. The nominations for British Brand of the year includes Burberry, Alexander McQueen, Christopher Kane, Erdem and Stella McCartney. All these brands have been worn by the Duchess of Cambridge. Designers who have been nominated for British Womenswear designer of the year includes Kane and Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen.

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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Kube Studios - Fashion News

Latest Fashion News 

Kube Studios were excited to hear that Katie Moss is launching her very own modelling agency. 

Katie moss left Storm modelling agency after 28 years after she was first signed to them as a teenager. Kate was spotted by storm founder Sarah Doukas at JFK airport in 1988. but now has decided to move on from storm and start her own modelling agency. 

Kate has a wealth of experience and can use her inside knowhow of the industry to help new talent. She explained her decision to leave came from a desire to do something more than modelling. As well as modelling she is looking to nurture rising stars that could sing or act. She wants to focus on managing people careers than just it being a modelling agency. 

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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Why Choose A Fashion Photography Studio

Why Choose A Fashion Photography Studio?

Many aspiring models think that it takes connections to become a model, or that you have to be rich. This is not the case. Although modelling is a very competitive industry, with the right team around you and the potential you can make it. 

Having what it takes is very important. Whatever type of modelling you want to pursue you have to be honest with yourself and really think whether you have what it takes looks wise to make it in modelling. If you do, then you need the right team around you to bring out your potential. Having what it takes means facing rejection, but also having the skills when posing in front of the camera. Here are some of our photographers bios:

Kube Studios can teach you how to pose, which modelling type is best for you, and which look suits you best. Our team of makeup artists and stylists are on hand to make you look beautiful. We are not a makeover studio, but a fashion photography studio. Our photographers have years of experience in fashion photography and many are published in magazines. 

Kube Studios are based around the UK, in London, Birmingham and Manchester. We have over 50 staff dedicated to helping you succeed. Read Kube Studios reviews here, and follow Kube Studios on Twitter for our latest industry updates. Watch this video to find out more about us. 

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Kube Studios advice tips for good hair care.

Kube Studios tips for good hair care. 

As a model it important to keep your hair healthy, many models may have their hair styled in many different ways for photo-shoots, This can cause their hair to become damaged and harder to managed. Here Kube Studios top tips for how to keep your hair healthy:

1. Try to wash your hair less 

Most experts agree that washing your hair too often can damage it and make it dry. This is because when you shampoo it daily, it strips your hairs natural oils which is designed to condition and protect your hair. To keep your hair healthy you only need to wash it two to three times a week. People with coloured hair need to be careful of over washing as this can make the colour lose it sheen a lot quicker. Try to wash your coloured hair less and instead rinse and condition the hair every other day as shampoo can wash out colour. If you do aim to scale back the amount of times you wash your hair, remember you could use dry shampoo. It will help reduce the oil build up in your hair and can give your hair great texture. Dry shampoo can help to refresh your hair at the roots and tips but it will also help you to retain all the important moisture your hair needs. 

2. Shampoo your hair correctly.

It’s important when shampooing that we use the right amount of product as using too much can do more harm than good. The amount of shampoo you should use depends on the length and thickness of your hair, most hair experts recommends a blob the size of a 20p coin is a good amount. If your hair is very long then it should be 50p-size dollop. You also have to apply your shampoo correctly. Give your head an invigorating massage as you shampoo this is a good way to encourage blood circulation and helps to detoxify the scalp. Also make sure that you don’t wash your hair with extremely hot water as this will dry out your hair and create tangles that could result in breakage.

3. Make sure you towel-dry your hair before applying conditioner.

Try to use a deep conditioner that will add moisture and strength back to your hair. To get the full use of a conditioner make sure your hair towel-dry before applying the conditioner. If your hair is very wet the excess water in your hair will prevent the conditioner from penetrating the hair shaft so it won’t moisture it properly. If you dry your hair a little it will help the conditioner to work better so your hair will look a lot more healthy and shiny.

4. Brush your hair gently.  

You need to brush your hair regularly to keep it healthy, however don’t be rough with your hair. For shiny, healthy and untangled hair, you need to brush your hair twice a day. Hairdressers recommends that you should brush your hair once in the morning and once before going to bed.

5. Be careful when hair-drying

It can be very damaging to your hair to overheat it with excessive blow drying. If you can try to use the hairdryer less and let it dry naturally. If you do use a hairdryer always apply a heat protection product beforehand.

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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Plus Sized Modelling

Kube Studios Guide to Plus Sized Modelling. 

We at Kube Studio believe everyone is beautiful inside and out, no matter what size they are. Finally it seems that the fashion industry has realised that size is not really important when it comes to modelling. 

Now with plus size clothing reaching mainstream fashion with more and more designers tailoring lines to the plus size women. Professional plus size models are showing up on popular designer runways. 

Plus size models are confident individuals who love to flaunt their attractive full size figure without shying away from the camera. There are a lot of plus size models who have very successful careers in the modelling industry. One of the top plus size models of 2016 is Jakaliene Rivere. She is a America model who is considered as one of the best full figured and Plus Size Models in the industry.   

Jakaliene Rivere. 

So no matter what size you are as long as you have passion for modelling you can achieve your dream. If you think you have modelling potential, contact Kube Studios on their website, Like Kube Studios on Facebook  and Follow Kube Studios on Twitter. 

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Advice about starting your modelling career

How to get started in your modelling career.                                        

Kube Studio is a photography Studio in London, we work with all different types of people who would like to become a professional model. Kube Studios helps aspiring models to create a modelling portfolio that  highlight their qualities to help them stand out. If you are an aspiring model you may be thinking about where to look for modelling work and how to get started as a model. Kube Studios is a good place to start your modelling journey, as we can help you to bring out your inner model and gain valuable experience in front of the camera. 

When you arrive at Kube Studios you will be greeted by our team of photographers, stylists, make up artists, and model coaches who work hard to help you get the photos you want. Here is just some of the feedback customers have said about their experience at Kube Studios 

"Best staff, look after you, make you feel special,great atmosphere, free manager always there"

"Kube Studios you did a great job! Thank you! Daisy has her first job on Friday! Can't wait!"

"Would just like to thank everyone at Kube for being great at the shoot Was great fun and cant wait for the photos to come"

So take that first step of achieving your dream by contacting Kube Studios to book an session for your very own photo-shoot. 

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