Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Male Modelling Advice from Kube Studios

Male Modelling Advice

As male models, men are being used more often in advertisements as the modern man becomes more style conscious and adventurous when it comes to spending on their looks and style. For a male model with the right look and attitude, this equates to a lot of opportunity. The criteria for men as opposed to women in modelling are different. Male models tend to be very fit and have striking features; meaning that other men may look up to them – and women will take notice of their great physique. Inevitably this gives the advert more interaction and better performance. As a male model, you do not need to have the body of a fitness model, just modelling potential. Kube Studios is more than a photography studio, we have stylists, consultants, hair and makeup artists and photographers with years of experience in bringing out the best in the models they work with.

Is a portfolio important?

All models need high quality recent photos of themselves at all times. You will need a versatile portfolio that represents the way you currently look and that includes all the shots that agency professionals will look for. If you have worked as a model before, you may include these shots but make sure to mention if you have changed your hair or have any new visible tattoos that may affect a brand’s identity.

One of our male modelling clients was offered a great opportunity for a well known underwear company, but since the portfolio pictures he was hired from he had shaved his long hair and was turned away on the day of job. This is why it is important to have an up to date portfolio, so model agencies and companies can see what you really look like and whether they are interested in hiring you. As a male model it is important to maintain your image and keep your portfolio up to date. If you want to find out about Kube Studios and modelling in London, visit our website and watch the Kube Studios video below! We’d love to hear from you with all your questions, if you have feedback, send it to us and we could post it up on the Kube Studios reviews blog.

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