Monday, 20 July 2015

Kube Studios Agency Advice

How to Find a Modelling Agency

The best known, and most successful agencies are normally part of the Association of Model Agents. This is a group that set their own standards and only give accreditation to those who abide by them. There are very few laws in place regarding the modelling business specifically and so the AMA was formed to create a standard amongst it's members and create a level of trust. 

There is a downside to signing with an AMA agency; they are often exclusive. This means that you are not allowed to work with or for anyone else. As in any agency interview, make sure that you find out their cut of your earnings. Depending on what they offer you for each job, this can vary but it's normally about 20%. Although AMA agencies are not many in number, they do represent the elite side of modelling and their rates reflect this.

Kube Studios
Kube Studios
Nestled underneath includes modelling agencies who have the right to offer paid employment and source modelling assignments themselves. This type of agency is normally quite small in terms of staff but is many models' first step towards actually getting paid. When looking for an agency that isn't in the AMA, please be wary as so-called cowboy agencies are everywhere. Kube Studios are not a modelling agency but the majority of our customers do come for a photoshoot with the intention of having a portfolio made for agency submission. Although we do our best to highlight the potential dangers, we still hear of horror stories sometimes where models have been taken advantage of and left with no work, and out of pocket. If you want to talk to the Kube Studios team about options after your portfolio is made, just get in touch via the Kube Studios website or pop by one of our locations.

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