Thursday, 29 January 2015

Kube Studios London

Kube Studios talk Male Modelling

Kube Studios are one of the UKs best established photography studios with premises in London, Manchester and Birmingham. We often cater for advertising photoshoots and thought we should look at how the male photography business has evolved in this post. Companies have realized that men want more freedom than starched suits and ties. As a result the casual look has spread into offices and workplaces all over the country and into the modelling industry as more and more jobs appear every day. A male model can as such be well dressed and groomed with very little effort; just by buying the right clothing to get the right job. 

Casual doesn't mean the same in business as it does with home wear, and smart options are available other than T-shirts. T-shirts are for at home, and the equally comfortable styles available need to be explored. Polo shirts with classic collars not only look great, but give the model so many possibilities. The range of colours available today makes mixing and matching so simple, and a guy can look fresh and tidy, reflecting a good image to the world. It may only be a casting, but going from the stories we hear at Kube Studios, nailing your look makes the difference between getting the gig or not. 

Kube Studios
Kube Studios
In traditional shirt styles in the casual range, pay attention to materials. Man-made materials are bad for encouraging sweat and nothing looks more unprofessional than shirts stained in the armpits. By buying cottons, and even cotton polyester mixes, you can avoid the embarrassment of sweat at your male modelling casting. Long sleeves and short sleeved shirts are on the market, and tailored looks are the look. For the slimmer man, these look professional and casual all at the same time, if crisp and clean. For those that are a little overweight, the polo shirts offer classic style that is less restricting and covers more. For information about Kube Studios London flagship studios, visit our website and also make sure that you follow the Kube Studios twitter for updates on offers and modelling news.

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