Monday, 1 December 2014

Kube Studios: Comfort Eating

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At this time of year especially, comfort eating is a strong urge for all of us. The early evenings and dark, cold mornings set our bodies craving fast sugars and stodgy calories. Here are some tips from Kube Studios to help minimise the cravings and maintain control over your weight and figure.

The first thing to tell yourself is to be realistic. We're not talking about avoiding all comfort foods, but reducing the cravings that we get at certain times of the day, often when we don't need to eat like before bed or when at rest. Having a fibre filled diet is great for this. It releases energy slowly all the way through the digestive system rather than giving short bursts, such as we get from sugar. The constant up and down of blood sugar levels causes mayhem in our systems and in the long term can cause type 2 diabetes. Fiber helps you stay feeling full and releases enough power to keep you going during extended periods between meals.

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Making sure you eat regularly is great for the brain. If your eating habits are irregular your body doesn't know when to expect more energy and will crave junk. It's actually proven that if we don't eat breakfast, by the end of the day we are more likely to eat junk food. Eating regularly helps your body control sugar levels which in turn controls the likelihood it is to lay down fat.

Kube Studios endorse healthy diets and hope that these little lifestyle tips are useful. To find out more about our photography studios watch this video.

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