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Kube Studios Afro Hair Guide

Kube Studios Afro Hair Guide

Hard to manage hair?

Kube Studios
Kube Studios

There are various reasons as to why women with afro hair choose not to wear their natural hair out. We've heard numerous excuses!!  However, the real reason why Black women do not wear their hair out could simply be that they sometimes don’t know how to maintain it.
The truth is that Afro hair texture requires a lot of time, patience and maintenance. Black people hairs is naturally dry and prone to breakage therefore it needs moisturizing in order maintain the length. For example this account to why some parents would rather have their children’s hair relaxed at a young age rather than dedicate time to taking care of the natural hair.
The faster way of dealing with Afro hair that makes it manageable to deal with is by braiding it, treating it with chemicals or weaving. Doing these may make your hair easier to manage but if it is done wrongly or excessively it can cause more damage to the hair roots which can cause hair loss, scalp burn etc. For more Kube Studios hair tips click here!
Understanding Afro hair means you know what to do with it, apply right products to the hair, maintain it and exercise patience if you want the hair to grow to its full potential. Kube Studios has some of the best hair stylists in Britain so when you visit our studio you'll be pampered by experienced and talented artists. Whatever your hair type, Kube Studios will make you really stand out.
What do you think of your Afro hair? How often do you wear it out in the open? Let us know on the Kube Studios Twitter page! 

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  1. I haven't tried it yet because my hair is really limp and I am not so good with hairstyles! I really wish I can try different versions of my hair and admire those who are able to change styles in an instant! Would love to experiment more for sure!! =)

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