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Kube Studios - The Photography Experts

Kube Studios - The Photography Experts

If you want a great set of photos showing off your skills as a model you need to use an experienced photographer. You need someone who knows how to bring out the best in you, with the best equipement (camera, lighting, sets) and the best makeup and stylists to work with too. That is why Kube Studios was founded over 10 years ago - to put everything in one place.

If you are considering taking your modelling aspirations to the next level, why not come and visit Kube Studios London Studio. Based off Regent Street Kube is an established photography studio set up to provide bespoke photography services to models. We can also update your modelling portfolio or produce a z-card, you will find Kube Studios experts useful in helping you reach your potential. Our advice will ensure you are left with usable photos you can send to modelling agencies as well as use for your own specific needs.

Our  Photographers

Kube Studios use published photographers who are experts in taking modelling portraits.  They have experts in different types of modelling such as body part modelling, glamour modelling, teen modelling and also male modelling.

Not all types of modelling are suited to all models, that is why you need to surround yourself with professionals who can help you out-shine the competition in your choice of modelling and help you make the right choices. We have catalogue photographers, glamour photographers and fashion photographers with years of experience, so come down and enjoy our services.

Makeup and Hair

When you come to our London studios, Kube Studios will take care of all aspects of your photo shoot. You need to bring your own clothes but all your makeup and hair styling is handled by industry professionals. We know how important details are to a perfect photoshoot, and attention to detail is what we're known for. Find out more about what to bring with you to the studio and how to prepare by visiting the Kube Studios website.

Advice and Assessment

Kube Studios can guide you through the practical side of making your dream a reality. We work with you to find out what is the best type of modelling for you, what services could be most useful for you and what you need to work on to get where you want to be. All staff that provide guidance and advice are fashion industry professionals with years of experience to help focus your time and effort into what will produce the best results for you

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