Monday, 27 January 2014

Designer Life Stories

Kube Studios Life Stories

Originally an illustrator for vogue magazine, upcoming designer David Longshaw has received global recognition for his contemporary clothing designs. His designs involve hand drawn patters, illustrations and stories being printed on to items such as dresses and jumpers. The simple designs are being noticed by bosses within the fashion industry and Elle editor in chief, Lorraine Candy has even described his designs to ‘have the potential for you to say that’s a David Longshaw dress’. The designs Longshaw prints are simply an expression of his imagination. Imagine wearing a story on a jumper! His designs often feature the same characters in different scenarios but none of his clothing has writing or narrative telling you what is happening in the scene, which allows you to interpret the item as you want to.. Making it different for every person.

Because he originally started off as an illustrator, Longshaw used printing on material as a way to present
His theme throughout his collections is the tale of ‘Maude’ and what she gets up to as a character, each item of clothing represents an activity or holiday she goes on and throughout the multiple collections, these change and other characters get introduced.

David Longshaws’ designs and modern approach to fashion have already gathered a huge following worldwide and in 2011 was name by Vogue as ‘a designer to watch’. Although his own label was officially launched in 2010, it will come as no surprise to Fashionista’s when he finally breaks in to the fashion world because it’s going to mark a change in fashion and design, as we all know it!

When he started designing, Longshaw was at university, but by the end of his degree he had compiled multiple collections and designs as well as gaining recognition from many art associations and achieving nominations from international award organisations.. Talk about going the extra mile! 

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